Donald Trump has only been in office for a week and he's already receiving major backlash due to the executive orders he's signed in recent days. In response, top celebrities in Hollywood are voicing their opposition to the new commander in chief.

Hollywood backlash

As former President Obama ended his time in the White House, his Republican critics were quick to lash out anytime he used the power of the presidency to issue an executive order. Despite their previous opposition, Republicans appear on board now that Donald Trump has issued multiple executive orders over the last 72 hours.

In that time, Trump has called for the restart of the Keystone XL pipeline, kick star the construction of the border wall, start the repeal of Obamacare, and ban refugees and immigrants from select countries in the Middle East. As seen across Twitter on January 25, backlash from celebrity critics of Trump is increasing.

"Trump answered the Women's March today by ending the funding of family planning centers around the world, clearly unaware he's already over," filmmaker Michael Moore wrote on Twitter in response to the Donald Trump executive order in relation to abortion funding.

In response to the news that Trump is upset with how the media has reported his first week as president, actress and former talk shot host, Rosie O'Donnell, replied on Twitter, "poor orange baby boy."

"Steve Bannon is reportedly registered to vote in two states.

Kellyanne Conway says one of them is an alternative state," comedian Chelsea Handler humorously tweeted in regards to the recent Conway claim of "alternative facts." "If you use 'alternative facts' on your IRS filings it's called tax evasion, and you go to prison for fraud," actor George Takei wrote, before adding, "Just saying."

Executive order criticism

Actor Mark Ruffalo has long been a critic of Donald Trump, and went after the billionaire real estate mogul for his recent executive order banning Muslim immigration.

"Say #NoBanNoWall because immigrants, Muslims & refugees are #HereToStay," Ruffalo wrote on Twitter, while noting, "A part of our community."

Next up

As Donald Trump continues to deal with a growing opposition to his agenda, he doesn't appear willing to back down from his campaign promises. With Trump gaining support from fellow Republicans for many of his executives orders, only time will tell what he does next.