Last night Melania Trump looked elegant in a simple Black Dress when her husband President Donald Trump addressed Congress. This black dress looked simple, but according to CNN the price tag on it was something most people wouldn't even consider spending on a dress. What are the details on this outfit that Melania Trump had on last night?

Melania's dress cost more than some people make in six months

It turns out that Melania Trump had on a $9,600 Michael Kors outfit during this speech. This outfit was fresh off the runway. You won't even actually be able to buy it until fall, but Melania got the chance to wear it last night.

She did get a standing ovation when she walked in looking classy in this outfit. It had hand-embroidered, sequined flowers and she wore it with a wide belt and chose not to wear a blouse under the jacket, even though you can do that. She got a lot of mixed reactions on the outfit she was wearing. Some felt like it was fit more for something like the Oscars than her husband's speech last night. Melania isn't responding to what people have to say at all.

Ivanka Trump also raised a few eyebrows with her choice of outfit last night. She had on an outfit that was off the shoulder and a lot of people went to social networks about how they didn't feel like this outfit was appropriate. Ivanka had on a $3,000 dress by French designer Roland Mouret.

What some people thought was a bra showing was actually a strap on her dress. Ivanka was sitting right next to Navy SEAL Ryan Owens' widow so she was shown a lot during the tribute to him.

Now that Melania and Ivanka Trump are in the public eye so much, they will have to be careful about every single outfit they pick out. People are going to love and hate what they decide to wear.

They will be criticized no matter what they end up choosing.

What do you think of the dress Melania Trump wore to her husband's speech last night? Are you shocked she spent so much money on a dress? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.