After President Donald Trump released a proposed budget to eliminate the Community Development Block Grant program on Thursday, funding started pouring in for Meals on Wheels which is part of that program. While Trump's proposed budget could lead to a big drop in federal funding, people are stepping up to the plate and donating already.

Just one day after the president's proposal was announced, the organization received $50,000 while it usually receives only about $1,000 in a typical day. As of last Saturday, online donations have increased to more than $100,000.

This is a national jump that does not include what is donated locally.

About the proposal

The block grant funds only a small portion of Meals On Wheels. A network of 5,000 providers delivers meals to 2.4 million Americans, mostly seniors. According to the organization, one in six seniors need the free service because they cannot afford to pay. Much of the funding does not actually come from the federal government. Only 3.3 percent of it is federally funded, and the rest comes from other sources.

Vague proposal

Trump's proposed budget was vague, but it could affect the food delivery service across the country. While Trump's proposal is lacking in detail, what is known is that his budget could eliminate $3 billion in block grant program funding.

The good news is that members of Congress from both parties have agreed to protect the program.

The executive director of Meals on Wheels told CNN that people around the country have offered their help to Meals on Wheels since Trump's proposed budget for 2018 was released. This means that not only are people donating their money, they are also signing up to volunteer their time to deliver the meals.

Directors say private donations do not replace the federal funding that the organization has been getting.

Even though President Trump's proposal was vague and doesn't have details about how this will work, people are not taking any chances. They are offering to help now before it is too late to do anything to protect Meals on Wheels. Besides, the proposal might not be as bad as some people think it is.