Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to President Donald Trump, is at it again, this time in an exclusive interview with Olivia Nuzzi of New York Magazine. During the transition phase after Trump's election, the hot rumor was that Ms. Conway would be named the White House Press Secretary. The fact was she did not want it because it is a thankless job speaking for someone else, an interesting assertion since that is exactly what she did for Trump during the election. In fact, Ms. Conway can say anything she wants.

Ms. Conway has eerily similar personality traits to President Trump with a "mercenary sense of loyalty, somehow both total and totally for hire; her ease at projecting" according to Olivia Nuzzi.

She also possesses a fighter's instinct which dictates "never giving an inch or even pretending to persuade." Most of all, says Ms. Nuzzi, she has a very loose relationship with the truth.

Kellyanne Conway says and does what she wants

Kellyanne Conway is in her own orbit, and a case in point, Ms. Conway told the press that "General Flynn enjoys the 'full confidence' of the president." A day or two later, retired General Michael Flynn was fired by President Trump and Sean Spicer was left holding the bag trying to explain what she meant by the "full confidence of the President."

The person who serves as one of Trump's closest and most loyal of advisers made news by saying she would rather "slit my wrists and bleed out" before taking the job as White House Press Secretary.

She added that she would rather try on a pair of "cement shoes and jump off the bridge" and then maybe she would take the job.

Kellyanne Conway has President's ear at all times

She loves her job at being able to "bend the president's ear anytime." She doesn't have to stand up before the press day after day like Sean Spicer does and answer for another person.

Like it or not. Ms. Conway loves her “walk-in privileges” at the White House Oval Office. She can see and talk to him at any time. She also enjoys U.S. Secret Service protection, the only White House staffer to enjoy such a status aside from the President and Vice President. As proof of her ever-increasing influence in the Trump White House, her lawyer/husband was named to the Department of Justice and defends Trump's "Muslim ban."