Democrats have temporarily abandoned their long-standing claim that Republicans want to "throw Granny over the cliff." Instead, the liberal media are now claiming that President Trump wants granny to starve to death -- by publishing news stories falsely accusing the president of plotting to defund the Meals On Wheels program.

The epitome of fake news

On Wednesday, Occupy Democrats reported that Trump has announced a plan to end funding for program, promoting the article on social media with a tagline reading, "Trump wastes millions on vacations but can't spare a nickel for hungry seniors." Meanwhile, Money Magazine's headline about Trump's budget proposal declares: "Trump's budget would kill a program that feeds 2.4 million senior citizens."

However, the most baseless accusation comes from The Huffington Post, which published an article on Thursday, titled, "‘Heartless’ Donald Trump Blasted For Killing Meals On Wheels Funds." The Huffington Post, for good measure, made sure to label the article with the hashtag #LetThemDie.

In reality, the Trump administration's recently-released budget blueprint would eliminate funding for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, which provides only a sliver of funding to the Meals on Wheels program.

Nearly 97% of program's funding comes from non-government sources

According to the fact-checking website, Meals on Wheels receives the bulk of its funding from other sources. "The clickbait headline misled many readers into believing that President Trump had specifically proposed to eliminate Meals on Wheels," concluded, in reference to the Fake News story published by Occupy Democrats.

Although the elimination of the CDBG program could have an adverse impact on Meals on Wheels, Trump's sample budget makes it impossible to determine what the overall impact might be -- though the impact will most likely be inconsequential.

Forbes Magazine reports that, according to the Meals on Wheels 2015 IRS filing, only 3.3 percent of the program's funding comes from the government.

In other words, that means The Huffington Post and Occupy Democrats are leaving out 96.7 percent of the truth.