A laptop containing floor plans for Trump Tower, details on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, and other national security information was stolen from a Secret Service agent’s motorbike in the driveway of a Brooklyn home Thursday. Authorities are still trying to determine if the perpetrator knew the contents of the device or randomly targeted the agent’s vehicle.

Contents of the laptop are highly encrypted and cannot be traced or deleted, leaving the information at risk of being uncovered. A black bag and several coins were later recovered; however, the laptop and the sensitive documents remain missing.

Involved in the investigation are NYPD officers, but there is little information as far as what's on the laptop.

Trump, Clinton info compromised

According to a police source, other items stolen include an access keycard and Secret Service lapel pins from various assignments. Among those are ones involving the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Pope’s New York visit, the UN General Assembly, and information on President Donald Trump. Secret Service spokesman Shawn Holtzclaw declared in a statement that the employee was a victim of a criminal act. An investigation is ongoing and the agency has refrained from making additional comments for now. Marie Argentieri, the agent, remains mum as well.

A threat to national security?

While nothing about the White House or foreign leaders can be found on the device, Argentieri believes that information on there could compromise national security. Neighbors said that the thief stepped out of a dark-colored car at about 3 a.m. and took the laptop from Argentieri’s 2015 Bajaj. The thief was then seen walking away from the scene and didn’t get back in the car.

The black bag was found dumped in the snow outside a private home but other contents were recovered at Poly Prep Country Day School. The school’s head of security notified the agent Friday morning.

“If anyone has information that can assist in the investigation of this incident they are encouraged to contact the NYPD or the US Secret Service Field Office,” the NYPD said.