Twitter is alive and well, with tweets deriding Kellyanne Conway’s recent bizarre claims about Barack Obama’s alleged surveillance of U.S. President Donald Trump during his election campaign. According to Conway, there is more to it than mere wire-tapping. Microwaves even came up in the conversation.

It is now more than 50 days into Trump’s administration - or as Conway puts it in dog years, every one day feels like seven days. During a wide-ranging interview at Conway’s home in Alpine, N.J. on Sunday, the senior Presidential counselor was asked about the claims made by Trump of wire-tapping by former U.S.

President Barack Obama. Conway went on to infer there were many other ways Trump could have been spied on, including through household appliances, like televisions and cameras hidden in microwave ovens.

According to Kellyanne, wire-tapping was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Obama monitoring Trump. She told columnist Mike Kelly of USA Today that there are any number of ways to spy on people, including surveillance through their phones, but certainly also through their television sets. Conway then went on to claim that a person can be monitored with “microwaves that turn into cameras,” saying this is a fact of modern day life.

Still no evidence to back up Trump’s surveillance claim

Despite her words, Conway provided no evidence to back up the claims of surveillance and only reiterated that the White House is sticking to its story about the wire-tapping. Despite the fact that FBI Director, James Comey, has insisted the story has no basis, Donald Trump continues to believe he was monitored.

Reportedly deputy communications director Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked on Good Morning America whether Trump believed Comey’s statements, to which she replied that no, she doesn’t believe he does. Sanders went on to say Trump just wants the truth to come out and has asked the House Intelligence Committee to investigate.

In the meantime, Conway reportedly told Fox News Monday that “credible news sources” did suggest there was politically motivated surveillance ongoing during the presidential campaign, adding that, in his position as president, Trump has access to intelligence and information that others do not.

Twitter went ballistic with the microwave spying claim

On hearing her words, Twitter users immediately started posting messages, saying, among other things, they would definitely check their appearance before using the microwave in future. Some gems are included below.