Sunday night saw a massive fire blazing in a large commercial building in Los Angeles, close to the Fashion District, and housing several businesses. One of those businesses was reportedly a party supply store, stocked with piñatas and other combustible items. Plumes of smoke were seen to be pouring out of the building and along the skyline.

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) responded to the scene in the 1200 block of East 8th Street shortly before 6:30 p.m., when flames were seen shooting through the roof. Their job was difficult, as some firefighters who initially went up to the roof had to climb down.

Deputy Fire Chief Daren Palacios said in a statement they weren’t making enough progress with the fire and were concerned over the levels of safety and risk involved in fighting the fire.

Blazing chili peppers hindered firefighters in their work

As reported by CBS, the building is used as storage by several businesses in the area and houses around 15 to 20 units, including the party supplies storage unit. Besides the piñatas, that store also contained chili peppers, which, as they burned, released capsaicin, an irritant, that made it difficult for firefighters to breathe. When the fire was at its worst, more than 190 firefighters, on all sides of the building, attacked the flames with water streams.

According to the LADF, the fire was mostly contained by 9:30 p.m., although crews remained on scene during the night in case of hot spots. Fortunately, the building was closed on Sunday evening with no one inside and no injuries were reported.

The extent of the fire damage to the building is yet to be confirmed, as is the cause of the fire.

Brush fire near Los Angeles reveals human remains

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that another fire was raging in Los Angeles Sunday, which burned around four acres of rough brush located behind a school in Sherman Oaks. Firefighting crews used helicopters, dropping water to douse the flames and remained on scene in case of any possible hot spots.

However, while firefighters were fighting the brush fire in a steep ravine, they uncovered what appears to be a Human Skull. Los Angeles Police Officer Mike Lopez said in a statement that coroner’s officials were on the scene to investigate and again, no injuries were caused by the blaze.