Diners at Upland in Manhattan on Friday were excited to see Barack and Michelle Obama meet with Bono at the restaurant for lunch. Reportedly, the trio had a private room downstairs. According to People, after they enjoyed their lunch and walked out of the restaurant, all Uplands’ patrons stood and cheered and applauded the trio as they left, with Barack Obama giving them all a cheery wave.

As can be seen from the photo, Obama looked relaxed and cheerful, wearing a black suit and white shirt, without tie. Michelle looked comfortable in a black, white and gray shirt with black pants and a grey coat.

In keeping with the color scheme, Bono reportedly sported a black scarf, black pants and pea coat.

Honored to host Barack and Michelle Obama

As for the restaurant itself, they headed to Twitter to announce what an honor it was to have the Obamas and Bono dining with them. According to ABC News, the former presidential couple had Secret Service in tow and many diners cheered them on, shouting that they loved the Obamas, with one woman asking if she could have a handshake, after which Barack obligingly grabbed her hand. Instagram was instantly alive with images of the Obamas and Bono, both arriving at, and departing the restaurant. ABC News quoted US Weekly as saying the trio ordered a sausage and kale pizza, a bucatini cacao e pepe, and a fried chicken sandwich.

Upland is popular for presidential dining

The popular restaurant is on Park Avenue South, in the Gramercy Park area of Manhattan and has been visited by another former U.S.

president, Bill Clinton, in the last six months. It seems the Obamas have dined with the U2 frontman before, but this time in the White House, when they invited Bono and Alicia Keys for lunch in Barack’s private dining room in 2011. Michelle and her daughters also met Bono and his family during a 2013 visit to Ireland for the G8 summit, where they enjoyed lunch in a pub in Dalkey, Bono’s home town.

Barack Obama was also seen at Upland in 2015, when he enjoyed brunch with daughters Malia and Sasha.

The Obamas are living the life

Since leaving the White House, the Obamas have been having a pretty good time. They recently enjoyed a vacation at the private residence of Virgin Founder Richard Branson, in the British Virgin Islands. Since then, they have settled nicely into their brand new home in Washington, D.C. Barack and Michelle have also recently been celebrating their $65 million publishing deals for their memoirs about life in the White House.