It looks like “The Apprentice” will be reunited in the White House as Ivanka Trump formally announced her inclusion in her father Donald Trump’s administration. The 35-year-old is joining her senior adviser husband, Jared Kushner as the assistant to the president.

The American businesswoman revealed that she would be an “unpaid employee” after clearing that she won’t take any position at the Federal government office. To recall, just last week, the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the Unite States proclaimed that she would have an office, but won’t be holding a position.

Ivanka’s new position in the office

It looks like the White House has a change of mind when they think that Ivanka should hold a position with some rules and regulations. The socialite explained that she has been working closely with the office and her own counsels to talk about the nature of her position.

“I have heard the concerns some have with my advising the president in my personal capacity while voluntarily complying with all ethics rules,” she said in a statement. “And I will instead serve as an unpaid employee in the White House office, subject to all of the same rules as other federal employees.”

A reunion at the office

With the addition of Ivanka in the White House, Deadline reported that another “The Apprentice” crew would be joining the office’s staff.

To recall, the fashion model joined the reality television series in 2006 as a boardroom adviser.

Omarosa Manigault, one of the show’s contestants on its first season, is now the Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison at the office. And with Trump as the president, it seems they are all reunited for a television program.

The criticisms surrounding her

Meanwhile, it is quite unusual to a president to be surrounded by family members as his advisers. As Ivanka is now the assistant to the president and her husband Jared plays as the senior advisers, there should be a standard in their formal positions.

The author said that she already has an office in the West Wing of the White House.

She, too, is about to receive “government-issued security clearance and communications devices,” and all this gathers criticisms.

“This arrangement appears designed to allow Ms. Trump to avoid the ethics, conflict-of-interest and other rules that apply to White House employees,” White House ethics lawyers for Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush Norman L. Eisen and Richard W. Painter said in a letter to the White House counsel Donald F. McGahn II.

They explained that her use of the said resources in the office already made her a federal employee. They, too, called on the Trump’s administration to officially recognize her as a staff member of the president.