It didn't take long for a picture tweeted by Ivanka Trump to go viral and collect some major backlash along the way. It is getting to the point that the Trump family is criticized around every corner and Ivanka's latest tweet of a rather generic picture seems to offer up proof of this.

Backlash for what?

There is nothing out of the norm when it comes Ivanka's picture. This isn't the type of photo anyone would expect to gather backlash, but with two of the people in the picture having the last name of "Trump" the hoopla begins.

Ivanka is seated at President Trump's desk in the Oval Office and on her right side stands her dad, Donald Trump.

To Ivanka's left stands Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Ivanka captioned the picture, "A great discussion with two world leaders about the importance of women having a seat at the table!"

You can see by the tweet above that there's not anything in the picture that should conjure up negativity, but some folks found plenty of reasons to chew it up and spit it right back at Ivanka and Donald Trump. According to CBS News, this picture was tweeted by Ivanka on Monday, when Canada's Prime Minister flew in to visit with Trump at the White House.

No problem here?

This picture literally put Ivanka in the hot seat. You can see by the tweet below that Ivanka wasn't the first non-president to sit at the desk reserved for the president inside the Oval Office.

When the adorable child pictured above took the same chair as Ivanka did everyone thought it was adorable.

This was a few years back with Barack Obama in the White House. This time around Ivanka wasn't going for cute, she was going for lighthearted and friendly, which was twisted into something negative by some social media users.

According to what some of the readers had to say on the article published by CBS News, Ivanka had a mixed bag of comments.

She was told via these comments that "You have no business in the White House. Our country is not run on nepotism. This is not Iraq."

Ivanka in hot seat!

Ivanka did receive many nice comments as well for this posted picture, with a few people calling her a "great role model." Both Ivanka and Donald Trump were given Kudos for doing a "great job" from some of the people offering up their comments on the photo. The trolls were out and ready to pounce as soon as Ivanka posted that picture, but there were many others who posted words of kindness.