Donald Trump has said in the past that he really enjoys McDonald’s fast food – bigly. That might change after someone hacked the official Twitter account of the McDonald’s Corporation and sent out an anti-Trump tweet. Not only that, they also pinned the tweet to that official page. The message basically stated that Trump is a “disgusting excuse of a President” and went on to say how much they would love to have Barack Obama back in office, finally noting that the U.S. president has tiny hands.

Soon after the tweet was sent, McDonald’s Corp. deleted it and started their official Twitter account had been hacked.

Of course, due to its very nature, the tweet was shared and retweeted many times before it disappeared from the McDonald’s Twitter account. Naturally, however, what goes on the Internet, tends to stay on the Internet, so copies of the tweet are still massively doing the rounds on social media with some hilarious and often offensive responses.

McDonald’s said in a statement that, based on their investigation, they have determined their Twitter account was compromised by an “external source.” Spokeswoman Terri Hickey went on to say the company took swift action to secure their Twitter account and apologized for the offensive tweet, pictured below. As for Twitter, they reportedly declined to comment on the issue, citing "privacy and security reasons."

Presidential fast food fan

As for Donald Trump, who is – as everyone knows – a “huge” fan of Twitter, he reportedly didn’t respond to the incident, well, yet anyway.

According to Uproxx, despite being a billionaire, Trump loves eating food produced by the fast food outlets, including Burger King and McDonald’s.

Uproxx quoted him as saying he thinks the food is good, commenting that he likes cleanliness, he’s very clean, and that you are better off going to McDonald’s or Burger King than other places where you don’t know where the food has come from.

He said it is a “certain standard.”

Other recent Twitter hacks

According to Reuters, news of the anti-Trump tweet came just a day after the accounts of several major media outlets, government agencies, chief executives and other high-profile Twitter users had been hijacked. Twitter announced Wednesday that due to the diplomatic battle that is ongoing between Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands, certain high-profile accounts had been hacked, leading to anti-Nazi tweets in Turkish being sent out.

Reportedly the source was a third-party app and their permissions have since been removed.

Meanwhile, Twitter continues to respond to the latest McDonald's incident. Some gems are included below.