Animal advocates have been working for years, at least since 2015 to save as many dogs as possible from the dark life of the South Korean slaughterhouses and the dog meat farming industry. So many sweet and innocent dogs and puppies are captured to live lives of confinement in horrifying conditions for the purpose of killing them for their meat. The Humane Society has made a commitment these past few years to ensure that as many of the dogs as possible get a new lease on life that they deserve.

Efforts of the Humane Society International saves at least 55 dogs from dog meat farm

Finally, thanks to the efforts of the Humane Society International, dozens of dogs will finally enjoy a life of squeaky toys, warm beds, belly rubs and humans who love them. The animal advocates removed about 55 dogs from a South Korean dog meat farm in Goyang which is near Seoul. The organization is known to have saved more than 800 dogs from a death sentence on these farms since 2015. These poor animals lived in dirty, dark crates and were fed barely enough to survive. An agreement was reached between the owners of these facilities and the animal welfare group. This has been a long time effort in saving the many dogs who end up in these slaughterhouses.

The dog meat farm in Goyang is the seventh facility in South Korea to be closed.

The rescued dogs arrived at New York Kennedy Airport

Following the rescue of dozens of dogs from the Korean dog meat farms, the animals arrived at the JFK Airport in New York where they were then transported to several shelters in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York.

Seven of the dogs were sent to Dallas for possible adoption. Once they arrive at these facilities, they will all be medically examined and analyzed to determine how well they will do in a new family home. After all, none of the dogs ever experienced human love and attention that most loving pets are accustomed.

The animal advocates state that many of these rescued dogs have an amazing ability to bounce back from painful situations as they have.

They continued to say that some of the dogs were already quite friendly, which is often in the nature of these animals. The director of animal protection and crisis, Mr. Parascandola was appalled at the condition of the Goyang dog meat farm as the worst he had ever seen. The stench was overpowering as the rescuers entered the building and desperate dog cries could be heard throughout. The dogs could not be seen except for their eyes peering out. Now, these precious animals will no longer live in squalor. Anyone wishing to adopt a rescue can contact shelters in Maryland, Animal Haven of New York, the SPCA of Texas and shelters in Pennsylvania. These dogs deserve a life of comfort, contentment, and security.