A book that is offering a lesson on "Reasons To Vote For Democrats" offers a generous 266 pages that are blank, yet it hit the top of Amazon's Best Seller List. The book is offering up a message, and that message is loud and clear - there is no reason, not a one, to vote for Democrats.

"Reasons to Vote for Democrats" is dubbed a "comprehensive guide" on its cover where it also carries one quoted review - "Thorough." This book is the brainchild of Michael J. Knowles, who besides being a Yale graduate, is the managing editor of The Daily Wire, reports Breitbart News.

Knowles describes the taxing work he needed to do to put this book together.

Good read?

Knowles said this book is "the most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date." The one-word review that the blank book sports on its cover comes from Conservative Ben Shapiro, who thought the book was absolutely "Thorough."

Sends a message

The book starts out with a table of contents, but when that is done the following 266 pages are blank. The self-published book hit Amazon on March 9, and besides climbing to number one in the Political Humor category, it hit the number one for all books that same day.

Needless to say, people seem to like Knowles' message enough that they are willing to buy a 266 blank page book to be part of this viral book event.

"Reasons to Vote for Democrats" will probably be remembered through history as one of those phenomenal items that people felt compelled to have. Trump supporters seem to offer up classy digs, like this book. Look at what was done to Donald Trump's image here in an article from Blasting News. You can't unsee this; it is a very disturbing image of Trump.

Great gift idea?

Is this book a gift that many Republicans are purchasing with thoughts of presenting to their Democrat friends? Will the book be left anonymously on the desk of bosses today who happen to affiliate themselves with the Democratic Party? Let's face it, "Reasons To Vote For Democrats" is like the perfect revenge book for Donald Trump supporters.

Fat on pancakes

This book is a breath of fresh air after hearing how the Democrats are still in mourning from Hillary's election loss. It was just last week that Barbara Streisand blamed Donald Trump for the weight she's gained. You can check out Streisand's problem of devouring pancakes whenever Donald Trump shows up on the news here from Blasting News. That's a lot of pancake eating!