Ever since the start of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has been at odds with the majority of the mainstream media. In the two months since his inauguration, Trump has only increased his criticism of the press.

Trump's media attack

When Donald Trump walked up to the podium at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president in June 2015, the media quickly fired back after he labeled illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Since then, the former host of "The Apprentice" has been involved in heated exchanges with various members of the press.

From cable news hosts, to newspapers, and individual reporters, Trump has blasted the media for their coverage of his campaign and administration. After CNN reported on Trump's drop in popularity with the American people, Trump took to Twitter on March 20 to voice his opposition.

While Donald Trump has made many enemies in media, one of his top targets has been CNN. Often calling the network "Fake News," the billionaire real estate mogul has made picking on the network a top priority during his attacks on the media.

During a social media rant on Monday morning, the president decided to hit back at CNN, while offering praise to the more conservative Fox News.

"Just heard Fake News CNN is doing polls again despite the fact that their election polls were a WAY OFF disaster," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. Not stopping there, the president also added, "Much higher ratings at Fox." Due to Fox News' more favorable coverage of his administration, the president has used the network as a safe space, with only a select group of hosts and contributors offering criticism of his policy proposals and actions in the White House.

Next up

While Donald Trump finds time to bash cable news networks over polls and ratings, the commander in chief has other issues to focus on. From the scandal of potential Russian interference in his administration, the promoting the Republican health care bill, and his own budget proposal, Trump will be busy for some time dealing with the job as the leader of the free world.