A neurosurgeon from Texas, Christopher Duntsch, gets a life sentence in jail after being convicted of intentionally inflicting injury to multiple patients, one specifically an elderly female.

Doctor Duntsch, from Dallas County,Texas, has had a past of inflicting serious injuries to patients over the duration of his career. Just in 2015 alone, Doctor Duntsch was indicted for the aggravated assaults towards five of his patients.

Christopher Duntsch sentenced to life in prison

The trial that has helped put him in jail (and the case is primarily focused is on one of his surgeries) is regarding a case from one of his 2012 surgeries that left a 74-year old patient in a wheelchair.

Her name is Mary Efurd and she is looking to put Doctor Duntsch in jail for committing an intentional botched surgery during her procedure. Mary Efurd is hoping to speak on behalf of herself and all of the rest of the patients Duntsch has injured during his career performing intense surgeries.

Details on the trail

Justin McCants, from the Dallas County District Attorney's Office, is claiming the doctor called himself a "cold blooded killer" and believed he was a "god at times". Other people from the Dallas County's district attorneys office have claimed Doctor Duntsch's actions are unprecedented and completely unacceptable. He must be thrown in jail and Sentenced To Life for his inhumane actions.

Many of Duntsch's alleged victims have come forth and also testified at the trial. So far, there has been thirty- two victims that have claimed to have received botched surgeries. They are currently testifying against Christopher Duntsch and his horrific practices. Two of these thirty-two victims have actually died during his surgical procedures.

One of the husband's whose wife actually died during the doctor's surgery spoke up during the trail to speak on her behalf. The hopes is to testify against this inhumane individual and lock him up forever. After all, that is the least he deserves after crippling and killing many during malpractice.