U.S. Uncut, an alt-left website supporting the anti-Trump "resistance" movement, published an article Tuesday claiming that a Florida pastor stormed out of Trump's "demonic" rally after the antics of Trump supporters left the pastor's 11-year-old daughter "sobbing in fear."

According the story, Pastor Joel Tooley of the First Church of the Nazarene in Melbourne attended the nearby rally with his daughter so that she could have the opportunity to see the president in person. “After all, how many times do you get to see the President of the United States in person – let alone in your hometown?

I was eager for her to have this experience," wrote Pastor Tooley.

Pastor calls Trump supporters 'the worst of humanity'

The article claims that Tooley was shocked and horrified by the behavior of Trump supporters, alleging that the crowd turned into an "angry mob" after protesters began heckling the president and calling him a bigot. Tooley claims that his protective instincts took over, leading him to intervene between the angry mob and protesters. "My kid was shaken - she had just seen some of the worst of humanity," wrote Tooley of the incident.

Tooley then distanced himself from the so-called angry mob and moved closer to the hangar so that his daughter could get a better look at Air Force One.

"I wanted to give her at least one positive presidential memory," said the pastor.

The U.S. Uncut story paints a picture of a simple church pastor who only wanted to take his 11-year-old daughter to see the President of the United States-- arriving at the event in slack-jawed awe and wonder and walking away in disgust and shame.

It would be a pretty powerful message, if only it were true.

Pure propaganda, plain and simple

A cursory perusal of Pastor Tooley's Twitter account reveals that Tooley was a vocal anti-Trumper long before he ever decided to attend the Melbourne rally with the goal of giving his daughter a "positive presidential memory"-- a stark contrast to the humble, nonpartisan church leader described in the U.S.

Uncut article.

Earlier that week, Pastor Tooley posted a tweet bashing Trump's grammar, and followed up less than an hour later by labeling Trump supporters as "impressionable non-thinkers".

However, Tooley's tweets about his daughter-- the same one who was horrified to the point of tears-- clearly indicate that both knew perfectly well what they were in for when they decided to attend Trump's Melbourne rally.

In fact, when Trump came to town during the campaign season, Pastor Tooley expressed no desire whatsoever to attend, stating that he'd rather go to Walmart.