It is unfortunate that the Pitbull gets such a bad rap and horrid reputation predominantly due to the actions of a few evil humans. The dog should be evaluated by each individual animal’s own merits and not as a whole stereotype. Because of this generalization, so many pits end up in shelters with little hope of getting adopted. They are frequently overlooked and ignored without ever having a chance. As a result, animal control in rural Louisiana announced that several Dogs will be euthanized if not adopted soon.

Animal control wants to save dogs from demise

The St. Landry Parish Animal Control in rural Louisiana seeks to save the Pitbull-type dogs from being euthanized at the shelter, but they fear they are running out of options. So many of the dogs are being passed by, and it is often due to common myths about adopting a Pitbull. These can be some amazing animals that should be judged by their own personality and behavior and not a reputation. Sometimes genetics in an animal can play a part in its demeanor, but studies have shown that even the most horribly abused pits from fighting rings and other cruel environments make the best, most loving family pets.

Animal Control is looking to the public for help in an attempt to save the lives of these ignored and misunderstood dogs.

It is sad that these dogs are described as “unwanted,” with potential adopters just passing them by. They will never experience how loyal, loving, friendly and dedicated these animals are as companions. A message was passed onto the shelter's Facebook page, stating that the 39 animals would have to be put down starting this coming Wednesday, February 15th because they are “unwanted.”

Words of hope arrive to give some of the dogs a chance

After the message on Facebook, animal control felt of ray of hope in saving some of these dogs.

People do care. Their message was shared 2,000 times, and they now vow to keep the dogs a few extra weeks in hopes of getting them adopted. These dogs like so many other deserve a chance at life and a loving family who will give them the care they need and require.