There has always been some controversy over whether dogs have feelings and emotions, yet scientists have performed studies that show they do. Many pet owners will claim that their pets do show their emotions through a wag of the tail or other friendly gesture. A dog can experience feelings in much the same way as a human but cannot always express it in the same manner. However, this is a story about an amazing animal who shows love and gratitude in an admirable way.

A special adoption at animal shelter in Philadelphia

Kayla Filoon visited the municipal animal shelter in Philadelphia weekly to walk the dogs each Wednesday.

Kayla is a student at the Temple University. During one of her recent visits, a stray by the name of Russ caught her eye because of his phenomenal friendly demeanor. When he arrived, Russ was a stray who was suffering from a bleeding tail, kennel cough, itchy skin and an eye infection. He was also emaciated. Despite his apparent discomfort, Russ was loving and affectionate to everyone he met. Kayla was smitten and knew that this dog would be hers one day.

When Kayla adopted Russ, he snuggles with her to show appreciation

When Filoon visited the shelter after Russ’ arrival, she couldn’t help but give him some extra time and attention. She would take him to the play yard to walk around with him and show him some loving.

She told staff members that she felt she was going to be his mom one day. Kayla spread the word also to her mom and friends. With each interaction, Russ would gently take treats from her hand and try to snuggle her.

During one of her visits to the shelter, Kayla asked if she could take Russ for a short car ride where they both got a snack at Chick-fil-A and listened to music.

The lyrics in a song entitled “A Sky Full of Stars” spoke to Filoon on giving her heart away and it was apparent that Russ was to be hers. She filled out the adoption application upon her return to the shelter. The two have been inseparable ever since, and the photo of Russ snuggling his new mom in appreciation has gone viral. So if you ever think your dog has no feelings or emotions, reflect on this heartwarming story and know that their feelings are very real.