The kitsap humane society in Washington care deeply about the animals in their shelter and vow to do whatever it takes to find forever homes for the animals. The shelter was built to serve the community in 1960 and then enlarged to meet capacity needs. Because of growing concern, more construction to a new site was complete in 1989. More than 9,000 homeless animals come to the shelter annually in need of forever homes. With the goal to help these animals, volunteer staff member Molly Clark devised a way to introduce some of the more social dogs to the public by taking them to starbucks each Tuesday for a “Puppuccino,” which is a cup of whipped cream.

How the road trip to Starbucks began

Living in a shelter can be quite depressing for the animals that stay there while waiting for a loving human to take them home. To make the dogs feel just a little bit better, and to introduce them to the public, the Kitsap Humane Society in Washington devised a plan to take the more sociable pooches for a unique coffee treat at Starbucks. Ms. Molly Clark loves to bring the dogs for their delicious treat. She states that in addition to the treat, the dogs enjoy the change of scenery, the car ride, and sometimes meeting new people. They love it, she says.

Molly selects only the less stressed dogs for the special Tuesday excursion and brings some Puppuccino cups back to the shelter for the dogs that cannot make the trip.

As she and rescuer Rebekah Johnson state, there is no “one size fits all” at the shelter but they try to make all the animals as comfortable as possible while waiting for an adoptive family. KHS attempts to give each dog and cat the individualized care and attention they deserve.

Starbucks works with shelter to get dogs adopted

The Kitsap Humane Society in Washington is a non-profit organization serving the community, and they depend on the kindness of those they serve to help in continuing their work. To help with dog adoptions, Starbucks posts signs that show off the dog of the week, each week, as a means of assisting the pooch in finding a forever home. A little Puppuccino and some advertisement have gone a long way in achieving that goal.