Imagine wearing an item made from the fur of an animal that is tortured and brutalized in the name of style and for profit. Animal activists from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently held anti-fur signs outside of the Michael Kors company accompanied by the “Grim Reaper,” a man dressed in black and an oversized character head to resemble the designer. Despite efforts to contact the company and make them aware of the abuse involved in the fur trade, they continue to do so.

Michael Kors, aware of animal cruelty continues its fur sales

Animals raised for their furs often live their entire lives in confinement until they are either beaten, electrocuted, drowned, or skinned alive. After skinning them, the animals are tossed on a pile of other bodies, squealing in pain for quite some time. Other cheap methods used include neck-breaking, poisoning, and suffocation which are all means of keeping the animals' pelts intact. Many times, the workers hang the animals by their tails or legs, stomping on them and their necks when they struggle. There are no federal humane slaughter laws to protect animals that are killed for their fur. Studies show that killing methods and atrocious living conditions for these “victims” are sadly uniform worldwide.

Despite all the studies and research, Michael Kors continues to sell hundreds of fur items.

Hope is for Michael Kors ban fur sales like other retailers

Retailers like Vivienne Westwood, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, The Kooples, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Inc., and J. Crew have already banned the sale of any fur products in their stores.

The spokesperson for PETA is concerned about the lack of cooperation from Michael Kors after educating them on the abuse the animals endure to provide their skin and fur. Executives at the company would not respond to any requests made by the animal activists. PETA is joining forces with supporters of Caring Activist Against Fur, Toronto Pig Save, Their Turn for Saturday’s March Against Fur in Manhattan and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary to ban the fur trade. They are also urging help from the public to contact the CEO of Michael Kors, asking them to stop selling all fur immediately.