The donkey is the smallest member of the equine family, along with zebras, horses, and mules. They are also known as asses, burros, and jackstocks, although they are all descendants of the African Wild Ass, a critically endangered species. Many people are not aware of how intelligent, playful, docile, sweet and affectionate the donkey is, often making a very loving pet. However, in many areas across the globe, these animals are threatened and killed for other uses beyond being loyal farm animals and pets.

A report in the UK shows the threat donkeys face globally

Despite their sweet and docile demeanor, the donkey is seen as a huge commodity in rural cultures globally. The Donkey Sanctuary in the UK expresses great concern about the life of these animals and the threat they face each year. The report states that more than 1.8 million donkey skins are sold annually and could increase to as much as ten million. Mike Baker who is the CEO at the donkey sanctuary reported to the Dodo that “Our report reveals the shocking scale of this global trade and how it’s causing a chain of welfare issues for the donkeys at every step, from sourcing to transport and finally to slaughter.” He continued to say that a medicine known as ejiao is made from the animal’s skin and seemed to be worthy of emperors because of its medicinal properties.

In various areas, donkeys are reportedly stolen from people’s yards and properties for the purpose of being slaughtered for their skins.

The Donkey Sanctuary in the UK calling for an end to donkey slaughter

After a donkey is stolen from its owner, the animals are all packed together in “donkey markets” in the hot sun without food or water until they are killed.

They are then skinned, and the remainder of their bodies are burned. A sad end to such a wonderful being. The Donkey Sanctuary is calling for an end to this brutality. They state that they cannot do this alone, and the only way to achieve success in protecting the donkey globally is through public awareness.