Monday is a President's Day, which is a Federal Holiday giving many folks a three day weekend. At one time it was fairly cut and dry on a federal holiday as all banks and many businesses where closed, but things have changed a little bit. With satellite banks in malls and grocery stores, you no longer can make the blanket statement that all banks are closed.

So for President's Day 2017, what is open and what is closed? Because times have changed so much in this day and age of technology, not everything you may expect to be closed will be, so the only sure-fire way to tell is to call ahead before heading out to your destination today.


For starters, most schools in the nation are closed to celebrate this federal holiday. Each state and town is different, so you need to check with your school system, college or university to make sure there are no classes today. Most people will be pleasantly surprised, that is if you like a day off!

Local, state and government offices

The majority of local, state and federal government offices and services are closed for Monday's President's Day holiday. This usually includes the department of motor vehicles and courts.

Stock Markets

According to Benzinga Financial News, the stock market is not trading on Monday. They are observing the President's Day federal holiday. The stock market closes for nine federal holidays during the year 2017.

Monday February 20, President's Day is one of them.

Post Office

There was once a time when mail delivery was the heart beat of the household for the bills and any checks people were waiting for like Social Security, but that is not the case today. With most everything done online today and direct deposit driving the household finances, the post office closing down on this federal holiday isn't the hardship it once was for people.

At one time folks waiting for that unemployment check, food stamps or retirement funds to come in the mail might be disappointed with no mail delivery on a Monday, but it's not such an inconvenience today as it once was. It wasn't that long ago when people waited with baited breath for their mail delivery. There is no mail delivery on Monday February 20, President's Day 2017.


Banks are another entity that were always closed on the President's Day federal holiday. That is still the case for the majority of the banks today, but there are some banks that are found within malls and supermarkets that will be open today and at least one big bank that's open for business. As the Daily Breeze reports, some banks, such as the Bank of America are closed, but the Wells Fargo Bank is open. The best way to make sure your bank will be open once you get there is to call ahead.

Garbage pickup

Another interruption when a federal holiday falls on a Monday is usually the garbage pickup. If your garbage is picked up by the city or town where you live, chances are it's not happening today.

If it is a private contractor, it may not be disrupted.

The majority of city and towns usually don't have garbage pickup on this federal holiday and many will work on their holiday schedule the rest of the week, which usually means the pickups are pushed ahead one day. So if Tuesday is your day for garbage pickup, it falls on Wednesday during a week with a federal holiday falling on a Monday. You need to check your municipal's website to be sure.

FedEx and Ups

Deliveries from FedEx, Ups and most other delivery services are operating under business as usual today. So if you are expecting a package on Monday via one of the many delivery services, they are open and out delivering today.

What's open?

Stores, supermarkets, restaurants,liquor stores, package stores and many businesses are open on President's Day. Like anything else, if you are not sure, check the online website or call ahead before stepping out today.