Adolf Hitler is arguably the most hated man in world history. Never the less he can be hated but not ignored. Even after 72 years of his death, Hitler remains a figure who inspires awe, and collectors hunt for any memorabilia connected with him. One such piece auctioned recently is a red color telephone that was used by him during his last two years in his infamous bunker.

The phone has the name "Adolf Hitler" and the Nazi symbol on the back of the dial pad. The phone's original color was black and has been painted red, probably because Hitler liked red color.

The phone auction was conducted by telephone, and the identity of the buyer was not revealed. It fetched a price of 243,000 dollars

The souvenir and Ralph Rayner

The phone was taken from the bunker of the German leader in 1945 just days after the Russians had stormed Berlin and captured the bunker. Hitler and his wife Eva Braun are reported to have committed suicide in the bunker and their bodies burnt. The phone was picked up by a British Army officer Ralph Rayner who had been sent by the British commander Field Marshal Montogomery to Berlin just days after the unconditional surrender of Berlin.

The red phone

Ralph visited the bunker in Berlin and was offered black phone ( used by Eva Braun) by the Russians.

He chose the red phone as he liked red color. He took the phone to England, and it remained in the custody of his family, as a personal souvenir. His son Ranulf Rayner who is now 82 inherited the phone after his death in 1977.

It remained with him till he realized the value of the phone and put it up for auction.

He has stated to CNN " It's a fairly sinister bit of kit and I've always lived in fear that someone will try and steal it."

Porcelain dog

Along with the phone, his father also took a small porcelain model of an Alsatian dog from the bunker. This was also put on auction and fetched a price of $24,300. A different bidder purchased it, but again the identity of the buyer was not revealed.

Last word

Hitler's red phone has a lot of history connected with it. One can visualize that Hitler could have used it for many purposes including orders for the extermination of Jews.