narendra modi, the indian prime minister on February 21, 2017, asked the United States Government to have a balanced perspective on admitting skilled Indian workers. The statement of the Indian Prime Minister came at a juncture where Donald Trump's administration is planning to curb H1B Visas that will negatively impact India. The comments made by Narendra Modi clearly reflected India's concern of losing $150 billion worth IT services if the United States curb the H1B visas.

Narendra Modi conveyed the concerns of India

The Indian Prime Minister made this comment to a bipartisan delegation of 26 members of the U.S.

Congress in New Delhi. After the delegation, the Prime Minister's office issued a statement to the press which states that the skilled Indian brains have a crucial role in molding the United States economy.

Narendra Modi requested the Trump administration to develop a balanced, reflected and far-sighted perspective on the movement of skilled Indian professionals.

Narendra Modi, in his statement also shared his perspective on areas where both the countries can work as hand-in-glove so that the mutual interest can be protected and can contribute to each other's well-being.

India: The largest recipient of H1B visas

India is the largest recipient of H1B visas, as more than 65,000 such visas have been issued to Indians every year under a cap mandated by the US Congress.

Exemptions of the cap are available for more than 20000 applicants who have completed their Masters-Degree in the United States. The exact number of Indians working in the United States under the H1B visas will be higher as many visas have been rolled over in the course of time.

Supporting the views of Narendra Modi, the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told that his own career was enlightened due to the immigration policy of the US Government.

As Donald Trump got elected as the United States President, Indian nationals believed that they would be benefitted from the ideologies of Trump. But concerns started erupting when Trump's hostility towards free trade started affecting India's outsourcing industry.