Donald Trump does not believe in the adage "let sleeping dogs lie." He is a man of action and will passionately follow up on whatever he believes. The news going around Washington is that after being stymied by the courts on his first executive order, he is getting ready another order. The order is still in the drafting stage, but it is likely to be issued very soon. Donald has instructed not to bother about the decision of the court to stay the order as it would be a time-consuming exercise. He wants quick results, and instead of waiting for a court decision, he is planning to issue another order.

New order

The news is that the new edict will in all respects be almost similar to the earlier order. The same seven countries will be included. However green card holders and certain other categories of people who have supported the US will not be part of the ban. The ban will also do away with any wording prioritizing entry of Christians.

Donald has repeatedly tweeted his anger and disgust at the ruling of the court. Instead of being bogged down in a time consuming legal wrangle, he has decided to issue a fresh one. The charge that Donald included countries who never sent any terrorist against the USA is valid. He also left out countries in which he has business interests. The ban is still arbitrary and selective, and it will be interesting to watch how the courts react to the fresh order.

Despite all that Donald says, the executive ban is contrary to American values enshrined in the constitution.

Stronger order

It appears this time Donald is doing his homework. Lawyers are of the opinion that this time the ban may be difficult to beat. Andrew Hedrick, a professor at North Carolina law school, has stated": It definitely seems like that he'd be on much stronger ground."

Last word

Attorney's who led the battle against the old order are confident that the courts cannot be fooled as the core issue is still the same. It remains a Muslim travel ban. One will have to await the executive order after it is signed by Donald.