NASA is expected to conduct a News Conference on February 22, 2017, at 01.00 PM EST, to reveal their findings on exo-planets and other bodies beyond our Solar System. From 01.00 PM EST, the public will be given the privilege to ask questions to the NASA officials via Twitter.

Thomas Zurbuchen of Nasa will participate in the media conference for the briefing in Washington.

Limited seats available for media personals

As per reports, only limited seats are available in the NASA TV studio for media individuals. Journalists who are unable to attend the press conference can ask their questions via telephone.

The sudden announcement of NASA regarding the news conference has led to many wondering what they have found outside our solar system.

Many conspiracy theorists and UFO maniacs believe that the space agency is going to reveal a startling revelation on extra-terrestrial life. Some other people think that NASA will soon launch a satellite to Jupiter's moon, Europa to search comfortable living conditions.

Pluto becoming a planet once again

USA Today, in a special feature, wrote that this press conference would reveal NASA's decision to reinstate Pluto as a planet.

Ten years ago, scientists in NASA decided to consider Pluto, not as a planet, but an ice dwarf. Now, the New Horizons mission had a close encounter with Pluto and its moons, and it indicates the need for Pluto's return to its original classification.

The mission members of New Horizon have now proposed a new geophysical definition for planets. As per the proposed definition, a planet is a sub-stellar mass body which has never undergone nuclear fusion.

It should also have sufficient self-gravitation to assume a spheroidal shape.

The New Horizons Mission was launched in 2006, and it managed to swing past Jupiter during the course. It then headed towards Pluto, and this journey lasted for ten years. The New Horizon expedition revealed many unknown facts about Pluto including the discovery of its four small moons; Hydra, Kerberos, Nix, and Styx.