meghan mccain, daughter of one time GOP Presidential nominee and current Arizona Senator John McCain, lambasted President Donald Trump on Twitter on Saturday for derogatory comments that he made about her father. In those comments, Trump stated that McCain is "emboldening the enemy" for questioning the "success" of a Trump Administration deadly mission in Yemen that resulted in the death of one American Marine and injury of at least five others. McCain, who was held as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam longer than any other POW captive of the Vietnam War, is a decorated war hero.

McCain's bold Tweet to Trump

When posting her explicit tweet to Donald Trump, Meghan McCain boldly stated, "Trump has never served. My father can't bend one of his knees or lift one of his arms above his head," (ABC News, 2/11/17). McCain then concluded her tweet with the following: "I am done with this," (ABC News, 2/11/17).

Trump's defense of Ivanka

Trump, who had a "Twitter tantrum" over a court ruling on his travel ban, drew the ire of political observers on both sides of the aisle for tweets that he posted in defense of his daughter Ivanka in the ongoing issue involving the Ivanka line of fashion at Nordstrom, a clothier that prides itself in its quality merchandise. Democrats and Republicans alike questioned Trump's right to make any comments, let alone favorable ones, on his family business.

Although Trump has signed over active control of his business interests to his sons while he is President, many observers feel that he still needs to divest himself totally of any and all interests in his business enterprises if he is to remain credible as President. Several sources are pointing to Trump's defense of Ivanka in the Nordstrom issue as another example of his unwillingness to divest himself of his business interests and to remain objective while serving as President.

No comment from Ivanka

Thus far, Ivanka Trump has refused to comment on the ongoing saga involving her clothing line and Nordstrom. Ivanka has made a pledge to "separate from her business," (ABC News, 2/11/17) and her silence on this issue is seen as Ivanka keeping with her pledge.

State of Virginia questions Trump's travel ban

Meanwhile, the State of Virginia has filed an injunction against Donald Trump's executive order banning Muslims from immigrating to the United States. Although the immigration ban has been put on hold by a restraining order that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco refused to lift, state officials nevertheless are questioning the reason and rationale for the ban. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring went so far as to state that the ban against Muslim immigrants was "Conceived in religious bigotry," (ABC News, 2/10/17). Perhaps nothing more need be said on the matter.