Liberals who still find themselves unable to accept the reality of President Donald Trump have been casting about for bizarre ways to reject that reality and to substitute their own. Solutions include everything from a mass uprising in the streets to a military coup. Provisions that are actually parts of the Constitution, such as impeachment and removal, are outside the realm of possibility in the universe we happen to occupy. Nevertheless, as Hot Air indicates, some Democrats are fixing on the 25Th Amendment as a way to remove the Orange Haired Overlord.

The 25th Amendment clarifies the presidential line of succession in the event of the death or resignation of the president of the United States.

It also allows, in certain cases, for the vice president and the majority of the cabinet or a body designated by Congress to remove the president if he becomes unable to carry out his duties for whatever reason either temporarily or permanently. The provision was envisioned to be invoked as a result of a medical emergency, such as the stroke that incapacitated President Wilson. It was not meant to be invoked as part of a coup because a certain segment of the population, including some elected officials, still have not come to terms of the 2016 election.

Of course, the 25th Amendment has as much chance of being invoked as does impeachment. Even if it somehow were carried out, the result would President of the United States Mike Pence, who is decidedly soberer and more conservative than is Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton would not magically become POTUS, no matter how much her supporters hope and wish.

The extent of Trump Derangement Syndrome is remarkable. Many people, at least until 9/11, believed that George W. Bush was not the legitimate president due to the events surrounding the 2000 recount. Some individuals in the fever swamps thought that Barack Obama was indeed born in Kenya, hence he was not president either.

No one in other case was so fervent in their desire to get rid of a sitting president than they are now. Nothing less than a massive program of mental health therapy will suffice to turn things around.