His scheduled visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture turned out to be a memorable one for President Trump who commented several times on how impressed he was with this tour to one of Washington’s most-visited attractions. He was particularly impressed with Mohammad Ali's quote, ‘I shook the world’ displayed prominently with the robe and headgear from his training days in Miami, Florida. Trump’s comment on this display reiterated his intent to honor Black American heroes, do away with racism, and keep his promise to bring justice and freedom to every American.

President Trump praises Black American Heroes

Joined by his daughter Ivanka; Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Dr. and Mrs. Ben Carson; Senator Tim Scott; and other dignitaries including the secretary of the Smithsonian Dr. David Skorton and museum director Lonnie Bunch, President Trump showed his appreciation for the great work done by Black American heroes. Since the time LeBron James contributed $2.5 million to preserve Mohammad Ali’s legacy of forcing a change, this prestigious museum has received over one million visitors till date.

Justice to all - pledges President Trump

Donald Trump was all praise for these popular African-American exhibits on display throughout the museum.

If the shawl given to Harriet Tubman by Queen Victoria in the 1880s was a reminder of the Black-American contribution back then, he enjoyed the exhibit highlighting the extraordinary life of Dr. Carson and treasured his moments with Alveda King at the exhibit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Incidentally, this was the first time she was visiting this prestigious museum, so it was a great experience for both Trump and Dr.

King’s niece.

As he pledged to fight bigotry and intolerance, President Trump called on those who were okay with his style of bringing in changes. If he wants to ensure a Muslim ban, It remains to be seen how far he would go to wipe out hatred and racism from the American way of living, especially since lots of work remain to root out prejudices against the Jewish and other communities.