On Monday night, retired Gen. Michael Flynn announced his resignation as national security adviser. On Tuesday morning, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway was given the unfortunate task of dealing with the media in the aftermath of the story.

Conway confrontation

In recent weeks, the pressure started to mount on Michael Flynn after it was reported that he had illegal contact with a Russian ambassador while still acting as a private citizen. Flynn reportedly spoke to Russian officials about working out a deal to lift sanctions put in place on the Kremlin by the Obama administration.

Further more, Flynn allegedly also lied to Vice President Mike Pence about the issue, which caused even more of a strain on his relationship with the White House. These issues, and more, were front and center during the February 14 edition of "Good Morning America" on ABC.

Joining host George Stephanopoulos was former Trump campaign manager and current adviser, Kellyanne Conway. Stephanopoulos questioned Conway about whether or not President Donald Trump was made aware of the recent report that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates had informed him about Michael Flynn being "vulnerable" to Russian blackmail efforts. "I don't know the answer to that,"Conway said, before adding "The fact is, I can't reveal what the White House knew or didn't know."

After being pressed further on the issue, Conway still refused to give much of an answer.

"George, again, I'm not here to say who knew what when," she answered, while explaining she didn't want to release "highly sensitive" information. Stephanopoulos remained persistent, and attempted to get as much information out of Conway as he could. "I got to get to the bottom of this here," he said, while once against asking if the White House knew about the aforementioned reports.

Conway cornered

"I do not know that," Kellyanne Conway said. When she was asked the same question in relation to Mike Pence, Conway once again replied, "I do not know that." As the interview went on, Conway then questioned the information that has been released and confirmed by various news outlets, stating, "You're presuming that all the information you have there is completely factual." As of press time, Donald Trump has not made a public statement or a comment on his Twitter account.