Everyone mispronounces words and uses them in the wrong context from time to time, but most people do not hear from a dictionary correcting them. However, publishers of Merriam-Webster dictionary couldn't take it any longer when they kept hearing Kellyanne Conway misusing one of their words. Therefore, a tweet was sent to President Donald Trump's senior adviser giving her a lesson about the word "feminism." Conway has repeatedly used the word incorrectly in her public statements. The dictionary wants her to change the way she uses the word.

Conway's misuse of 'feminism'

On Thursday, February 23, Conway spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference. During her speech, she said she did not consider herself a feminist because to her it is very anti-male and very pro-abortion. She added that she is neither one of those, and they do not describe her.

Merriam-Webster found fault with Conway's explanation of the term. They immediately begged to differ with the spokesperson. Just hours later, the dictionary sent the above tweet.

'Alternative facts'

This is not the first time Merriam-Webster has cautioned Conway about words she has misused. The publishers offered their view on her coining the phrase "alternative facts" back in January. She used the phrase to defend what White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said when he compared Trump's inauguration crowd to that of Obama's.

Conway said Spicer had merely offered "Alternative Facts." The dictionary noticed that lookups for 'fact' on their online dictionary increased after Conway described false statements as "alternative facts."

As soon as Conway used "alternative facts," most people knew that was not such a thing and that she was just trying to make her side look better.

She was mocked on social media because she used the phrase. If she keeps making as many mistakes in the future as she has in the past, by the time Trump's term is over, Conway might be able to have her own dictionary of incorrect words.

Merriam-Webster has also been using Twitter to correct Conway's boss about misspelling words when he tweets.