While Donald Trump has only been President of the United States for just over a month, his administration has already been rocked by scandal, with advisers that can't stay out of the headlines. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is reportedly on the hot seat, and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway is being accused as being the source of the leak.

Conway trouble

When President Donald Trump selected former Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer to become his new press secretary, he did so with reservation. The billionaire real estate mogul was reportedly not a fan of Spicer, but was convinced by others to give him the job.

In recent weeks, Spicer has clashed with the media on more than one occasion, prompting Trump to privately be angered by his performance. Trump allegedly has a wide range of criticisms about Spicer, from how he speaks to the press, all the way down to how he dresses. This information has been released to the press in recent weeks, with CNN reporting on February 15 that Kellyanne Conway is the person behind the leak.

According to CNN's Dana Byers, Sean Spicer is not happy with the reports that have been leaked through the media, and isn't convinced that his job is secure.

Byers went on to report that multiple sources believe that Kellyanne Conway is the one who is pushing the anti-Spicer narrative to the press. "Five of these sources think the person behind the leaks is Kellyanne Conway," Byers said, noting that "Conway is trying to offload blame for administration setbacks on Spicer to prove she is the more effective public advocate."

In a statement in her defense, the former campaign manager is denying any wrongdoing.

"Absolutely not," Conway said of the CNN report, calling it "absolutely false." "Sean has my full support, but most importantly, he has the President’s full support," she continued, before noting, "we work as a team."

Constant controversy

The CNN report comes at nearly the exact same time that MSNBC's "Morning Joe" announced that Kellyanne Conway would no longer be welcome on the show, citing her lack of credibility. As Donald Trump and his administration continue to do battle with the media, the relationship doesn't appear to be improving anytime soon.