"I probably won't talk to [Cheslea] before Election Day, but I'll absolutely talk to her after Election Day," Chelsea told E! News over the election period. "Our friendship started before #politics, so it will last beyond politics."

First of all, are they really close friends? Or was it always a friendship of mutual benefit way back before the latest election #campaign?

Secondly, politics can decimate friendships, so did theirs go up in flames?

Hillary Clinton isn't still friends with Donald Trump

The relationship between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump grew incredibly icy during the infamous election period, but Chelsea and Ivanka stayed good friends, Ivanka claimed.

In an interview with Fox news in August of 2016, Ivanka mentioned that her friendship with Chelsea Clinton was still in existence, describing Chelsea as a great girl and a great friend.

But what will happen in the future?

Perhaps one day they will be running against she other. And needless to say, they probably won't be #supporting each other then.