During last year's election and the last few weeks of Donald Trump's incoming presidency, Ivanka Trump has been described as the steady hand that tempers her father's erratic behavior.

She has been credited for helping #gay people, when she helped kill a bill that would trample on LGBT rights during the Obama era.

She was accredited with reining in #Trump when he uttered the words “Mexican rapist”. She has been described as sounding like a Democrat in her speeches. When she was at the RNC last year she gave a speech that started: “like many of my fellow millennials, I do not consider myself categorically #Republican or Democrat.”

The image presented to the public

The Ivanka Trump the press have been writing about the last few weeks is a torn daughter split between her duties to her father who loves her, and her own New York-inspired liberal mindset.

But how much of that is a PR-driven effort that hopes to keep her in the good books of the many influential #New York media and political personalities she consorts with in her business and personal life – not to mention the women who buy her clothes?

News that #Nordstrom and Nieman Marcus dropped her last week came as a blow to her personal brand. Even Kelly Anne Conway got involved and appeared to be talking up her wares.

Perhaps Ivanka Trump will clarify what side of the political fence she really belongs to once all of this is over. When Trump is #impeached. When the Republicans lose the next election. When there is a coup. When they replace Trump with Pence. Insert your version of the future here.

But for now we can only sit back and watch a carefully curated and, perhaps, increasingly inauthentic personality work behind the scenes in #Washington.