John Bercow, who is one of three parliamentary officials who must approve an invitation allowing anyone to speak in westminster hall, took to the floor Monday and strongly opposed having President Trump address lawmakers at the prestigious venue. Citing a motion signed by 163 MP's requesting that Trump not be afforded an audience at Westminster Hall, Bercow said it is an earned honor, not an automatic right for leaders to speak at both Houses of Parliament. Bercow told the MP's he was opposed to having Trump at Westminster Hall before the migrant ban controversy and even more so now.

Cheers and applause roared throughout the chamber following Bercow’s remarks. MP's will have further debates regarding Trump’s upcoming controversial visit due to a petition signed by 1.6 million Londoners, calling for his invitation to meet with Queen Elizabeth II to be withdrawn. A petition supporting his visit and carrying over 100,000 signatures will be discussed also. Women MP's have threatened to boycott Trump’s visit.

Other MP's speak out

Labour MP Yvette Cooper feels Trump assaults the democratic values that the British parliament treasures and that he encourages misogyny and racism. She believes the speaker is right, and that they should not go along with Theresa May’s overhasty invitation.

Former Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harmon called John Bercow’s announcement a proud moment for Commons. Labour MP Stephen Doughty stated that standing up for the principles there and across the world was vital and Mr. Speaker made that message crystal clear. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron went a step further and said that the president should be under no illusion.

They are snubbing him.

Some have had the rare honor of speaking at both Houses of Parliament

Not many foreign leaders are given the rare opportunity to speak at Westminster Hall, but the four listed below are among the very few who earned the respect and privilege:

  • 2011 – U. S. President Barack Obama
  • 2010 -- Pope Benedict XVI
  • 1996 – South African President Nelson Mandela
  • 1960 – French President Charles De Gaulle