Donald Trump officially took his seat in the White House on Friday, following an Inauguration Day speech which promised more jobs for Americans. Trump's inauguration was met with protests from the newly appointed President of the United States detractors, with riots ensuing after Trump's inauguration on Friday followed by women's rights marches taking place throughout the weekend in a number of locations. Despite his critics, Trump surprised many with a powerful speech about how he wanted to give the power in Washington back to the American people and provide bring business back to the USA and it now seems as though his first step towards this will be when he meets British Prime Minister Theresa May this Friday.

Donald Trump and Theresa May set to meet this Friday

British Prime Minister Theresa May is set to become the first foreign leader to hold talks with Trump since his inauguration into the White House with Trump claiming that he wants to do a major free trade deal with Britain following their split from the EU. Trump and May are set to meet this Friday to hold talks over a potential US-UK trade deal which could enable hundreds of thousands of workers from both countries to move between each other thanks to a slash in tariffs.

Trump and May's proposal?

One of the proposals on the table for when Trump and May meet this Friday is understood to be a cut or even an abandonment of tariffs on items which the United Kingdom and the United States already export between one another.

British newspaper 'The Telegraph' claim that sources from the British government have suggested that an agreement between Trump and May regarding tariffs would give the UK Prime Minister significant leverage in her negotiations with the EU following Brexit. The sources also claim that May is interested in making it easier for both UK and US citizens to work in either country, creating more job opportunities for both parties involved.

The proposed deal would allow Trump to stick to his "America first" sentiment whilst still opening up more employment opportunities for both the UK and the US.

Trump and May set to discuss ISIS, Syria and trade

When asked what she was planning on discussing with Trump when they meet this Friday, May said that there would be a lot to discuss, including combating terrorism in both countries, the conflict in Syria and potential new trade deals between the UK and the US. May also added that the most important thing from her meeting was Trump was to maintain the strong relationship that the UK has with the US moving forward.