Drastic is the word being applied to President Trump’s forthcoming budget which is about to be assembled. He is said by the New York TImes to want big defense increases and sharp decreases in everything else except Social Security and Medicare. This means that every agency in govermnent will be helping to keep two mammoth entitlements in place, in tune with a Trump campaign pledge. The big winner in this highly-touted exercise will be the military which gets a mammoth increase. All of this information was leaked to the Times by four Trump senior level administration officials.

Trump wishes to be seen as resetting his rocky first month in the White House. He evidently feels that smooth sailing will take place when the country learns of the tens of billions he wants to cut from major government agencies.

Chop chop

On the chopping block are the Environmental Protection Agency, the State Department and all safety net programs, save for the two Trump said he would leave alone. This means if you depend on anything other than Medicare and Social Security, you are facing some pain. Trump will no doubt suggest that all this is making America great again. The plan is supposed to make a big splash and show the President as a man of action. Yes, that death blow to most of the government probably did take some effort.

And it’s heavy lifting to further enrich a military that already outstrips the next seven countries in war-making wealth.

Trump's inner circle is never silent

As we speak the President’s Trump’s circle is working on a big speech that Mr.

Trump will deliver Tuesday night. There he will hail himself for his immigration efforts which are being bemoaned countrywide and hammered in courts of law. He will also speak well of the economy for which he takes full personal credit, having promised the moon to Wall Street. This is supposed to tell us that the President has been running a smooth operation and fault any media might think otherwise.

Basically, the hope of the Trump forces is that at least Trump’s base will not climb the wall at this gift to the military. After all, we do love our troops. The expectation of the Trump circle is that the coming weeks will establish Trump as a true president who is doing his job just as the people wish. The government is a large pie and politics is about how it gets cut and who gets fat and who is squeezed. Mr. Trump is in the process of launching a big squeeze, and on all but the military, who will no doubt put another notch or two in their belts.