social media was alive and kicking on Monday with news from the Oscars – and #Nicole Kidman's hand clapping.

Along with the ensuing shock from the #Best Picture mix-up – when La La Land was incorrectly announced instead of rightful winner Moonlight – Nicole Kidman's seal-like hand clapping was viewed by more than 5 million people.

Twitter reacted to the Best Picture mix-up in various ways. Ellen Degeneres wrote: 'Nothing like live TV. Congrats to #Moonlight! And to La La Land for such a gracious reaction.' Meanwhile, others praised the dignity of those involved in the monumental gaff.

A fresh manicure or half-lady half-seal?

The consensus on #Nicole Kidman's bizarre hand clapping was that she had gotten a fresh manicure, and didn't want to mess up her nails. That didn't change the fact, however, that she seemed positively seal like in her applause.

In fact, the actress had a ring loose and was trying to keep the #million-dollar jewel on her finger – and not on the floor. As her fan site on Twitter explained: 'You try to clap when you're wearing half a million dollars worth of jewels.'

Many in the #media seemed intent on ignoring the expensive ring element to the story. Mashable's Twitter handle wrote 'Nicole Kidman is a great actress and a terrible clapper and that is okay.'