Donald Trump wants to make America great again. There are three errors in his trademark slogan. 1. We cannot go backward. 2. America was not so great for many. 3. You cannot repeat anything. These statements are philosophical premises that cannot be argued here. Let's simply say that history is moving forward and Donald Trump is wrong to ignore that.

Trump and Bannon harm America

I should not mention Donald Trump without also pointing to Steve Bannon, who is the author of many of Trump's most tenacious views. Both men represent a binary, conflict-oriented viewpoint that has no relevance to our future.

Our future is positive. Their ideas for America are negative. Our future is filled with technological promise and advances in wellness. Trump and Bannon are fomenting a future filled with raids and fights and insults and grievances.

Trump and Bannon fail to read the writing on the wall. It is what is paving the way to the future. Retail is fading fast. Penney is not the only retailer that is engaging in major shrinkage as we speak. Virtually everything is moving online and the pace of technology is jaw-dropping. A new delivery system for everything is being created now and it has nothing to do with doing backward.

Donald Trump has a coal fantasy as America moves forward

Another reason for not going backward is that the jobs America depended on are not going to come back The most dramatic of Trump's false assumptions is that we are going to bring back coal.

But bringing back coal his has been shown to be a myth. Solar is proving to be the winner in the race to create the energy of the future.

America is going where Donald Trump does not want to be

America is on the move and the irony is that it contradicts every notion that Donald Trump utters from the Trump-Bannon playbook.

America is moving toward an energy independence based on renewables. America is moving away from McMansions and Trump mansions. They are no more necessary than a coat and tie. We are moving to be more tolerant, more helpful and more democratic. We are a pragmatic people who find out what works and go with it. What does not work is pessimism and division and negativity. End of the story of Donald Trump and America.