Donald Trump is a man who has no tolerance for nonsense and he has reportedly shown this once again by firing a national security adviser. Among other things, Craig Deare has reportedly made "lewd" remarks at a private gathering concerning Ivanka's looks, cites Opposing Views.

This is the second national security team member that has been caught in the Trump revolving door in less than a week, with the first being General Michael Flynn resigning from his post as senior national security adviser. So what did Deare say for him to get shown the door?

Critical of all things Trump?

Opposing Views reports that while Deare was at a private Washington gathering he was very critical of Trump's administration regarding numerous topics, which included the Mexico border wall. The source reporting Deares comments said he had criticism for Trump's policies on Mexico and Latin America.

Trump's inner circle

The policies were reported as a bone of contention for Deare, who allegedly felt slighted after being left out of the loop when certain policy discussions took place. The source went on to say that Deare was commenting about the "dysfunction in the White House," as Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner was one of the people who kept Deare out of the loop with White House policy discussions, along with Steve Bannon.

These are members of Trump's inner circle that Deare felt slighted him by not including him on policy talks, reports the source.

Ivanka comment put him out the door?

It sounds as if the straw that may have broken the camel's back was Deare's comments about Trump's oldest daughter Ivanka, who is very close to her father. The source said that Deare commented on Ivanka's attractive looks in a way that would be described as "uncomfortable." Opposing Views describes the comments as "lewd," but it has not been divulged what exactly he did say about Ivanka.

Not a team player?

Whatever was said was deemed as "uncomfortable" for those who overheard Deare and the last thing Trump wants is a group of people feeling friction at the starting gate of his term. These are folks who need to work together and feel comfortable while doing so. Why would Trump want to keep a member of his team that is criticizing him behind his back, if what was reported by the source is true?

Making "lewd" and "uncomfortable" remarks about any man's daughter will not put you in the man's good graces for sure. As the reports indicate, what Deare allegedly said about Ivanka was part of the reason he is out the door.