Ivanka Trump has claimed that more "religious tolerance" is needed in America after a series of bomb threats against the Jewish community were made earlier this week. There was a total of 11 bomb scares targetted at Jewish community centres around the United States on Monday. In what is only the most recent in a series of threats against the Jewish community this year. According to a recent study undertaken by CNN, 48 Jewish centres within just 27 American states and one Canadian province have received bomb threats in just January alone this year.

Ivanka Trump requests "religious tolerance"

Despite her father being heavily criticized for his treatment of the Muslim community since taking over at the White House from Barack Obama earlier this year, Trump's oldest daughter Ivanka has asked for "religious tolerance" following the most recent wave of threats this week. Ivanka, a convert of Judaism, took to her Twitter account on Monday to proclaim that America was a country founded on "the principle of religious tolerance" and that Americans "must protect our houses of worship & religious centres".

Donald Trump's actions make life hard for Ivanka in the Jewish community

Ivanka Trump converted to Orthodox Judaism prior to marrying her husband Jared Kushner, who now serves as a senior advisor to her father.

However, President Trump's actions have seemingly caused tension for the couple within the Jewish community. Most notably, the synagogue where their 3-year old son attends pre-school, who publicly denounced President Trump following his immigration ban on several Muslim-majority countries earlier this year. When asked about the escalating number of anti-Semitic incidents taking place last week during a White House news conference last week, President Trump accused the journalist of lying before ordering him to sit down and labelling the Jewish journalist's question as "insulting".

The President then went on to describe himself as "the least anti-Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life" and pointed the finger towards his political rivals for the recent targets towards the Jewish community.