A senior security official for the Trump administration was fired on Friday after criticizing the president's policies and making tasteless remarks about the president's daughter during a private discussion.

Craig Deare, the head of the Nation Security Council's Western Hemisphere division, was escorted out of the Executive Office Building in Washington on Friday and administration insiders claim that the president's decision to sack Deare was the result of comments he had made the day before at the Wilson Center, a Washington think tank.

Source describes Deare's comments as 'awkward'

The Daily Mail reports that one person who attended the private discussions at the Wilson Center revealed that Deare slammed President Trump over his policies regarding Mexico, and then made several lewd remarks about the president's daughter, Ivanka -- remarks which the anonymous source described as "awkward."

According to the Daily Mail's source, Deare appeared to be highly frustrated over being cut out of policy discussions regarding Mexico and Latin America. Deare was angry that chief strategist Steve Bannon and adviser Jared Kushner, who is Ivanka Trump's husband, have not consulted with the National Security Council before formulating policy.

The White House has confirmed that Deare is no longer working at the NSC. He has reportedly gone back to his previous position as dean of administration at the National Defense University. Deare joined the faculty of Washington's National Defense University in 2001.

Deare has not commented on his firing

Craig Deare in the second high-ranking security official to leave the Trump administration over the course of the week.

On Monday, Trump's National Security Adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, resigned over his illicit discussions with a Russian diplomat. Deare has not yet issued a statement regarding his dismissal, and officials at the Washington think tank where the comments were made have issued no comment, citing the private nature of the discussion.