A couple found shot dead and wrapped in rugs and plastic in a Massachusetts home has spawned a manhunt for two unnamed suspects. Police believe the suspects are driving a 1992 Acura and they could be armed.

The scene unfolded late Saturday when a woman came running out of a Peabody home and flagged down a passing motorist for a ride to the state police barracks in Danvers, Massachusetts. It is not known what this woman said, but it sparked the investigation at the home.

Special X-ray equipment used in cluttered mess

Police went to the house and found a mess.

It was not just untidy, it is the kind of mess that police needed to use specialized X-ray equipment to try and figure out just how many victims they had, according to law enforcement.

According to Fox News, the bodies turned up on Sunday as the police searched the home. When the district attorney spoke with the media Sunday evening, the investigation was still ongoing inside the home, as the mess really slowed things down.

Couple shot - found wrapped in rugs and plastic

The clutter left law enforcement extremely hampered while attempting to investigate these murders. The couple found dead in the house were identified as Mark Greenlaw, 37 and his girlfriend, Jennifer O'Conner, 39. The couple was living at the rented home.

The home is rented to a disabled man named David Moise, but the police did not mention where the 67-year old Moise was at the time of the murders and during the investigation that followed. The police stress that these murders were not random acts.

Investigation hampered

Essex District Attorney Jon Blodgett told the media that they were doing the best they could in a house that is very messy and cluttered.

Blodgett said the medical examiner was on the way and that law enforcement is tapping into every resource available to them in their attempt to determine just went on in this home.

Manhunt for two armed suspects

The manhunt is on for two suspects, but police did not release their names. The home was very familiar to the police, as they've been called out to this location many times in the past.

Police Chief Thomas Griffin told the media that they had been to this house for "all kinds of incidents."

Neighbors not shocked

A neighbor of the dead couple was saddened by the incident, but stated she was not shocked. Rachel Hrubes said that she was not surprised to hear something this gruesome had happened in the home. Peabody is a bedroom community about 20 miles northeast of Boston. The investigation is ongoing today.