Steve Bannon is everyman. He is a supreme and utter you-know-what artist. I respect him. I do not want to be him. I know he has power. I know he finessed things at Goldman Sachs. I know he made a boatload of money because he was in the right place when Seinfeld became a goldmine. I know how the world works and so does Steve Bannon. I know what it is to ride a wave.

Breaking news as we speak is Steve up there on the tube doing an infomercial for the Donald and putting the best face on the story thus far. It is the story of a deeply flawed human being who was too big to fail forever, who is a spectrum with no brakes and a sponge who soaks everything up.

Donald Trump found that he was president one day. Do you actually know to whom we may compare Donald Trump? If you have a sense of history, there is a disturbing answer. We are talking about John F. Kennedy.

McNamara and Bannon?

We are talking about a move from Camelot to Trump Tower. Kennedy found himself a president one day. He had manifest personal flaws and compulsions that we conveniently forget. Back then, we delighted after Kennedy's paper-thin win over Nixon. We were convinced it was all good as he quickly surrounded himself with the brightest and best. And the star of the JFK coterie was none other than the hot-shot president of Ford Motor Company, one Robert McNamara.

I am not saying Melania is Jackie exactly, but images are images.

I am not saying that Jack is Donald. I am pointing to a nefarious and demonic and horrendous truth. If you want to see a broken man now, fish out a confessional video of Robert Mcnamara. You will see a man crushed by the actual consequences of his monumentally stupid premise that we could win in Vietnam, where the French had just been pounded to smithereens.

And he was able to convince JFK to go along.

Bannon and McNamara are both kings of overreach

Now the influential Bannon is out there doing an infomercial for Donald and, just like McNamara in 1962, he is absolutely sure of himself. There is an old saw that history doesn't repeat itself. It comes back as satire or irony. But there is nothing satirical or ironic about what Bannon is doing.

If you look at the entire Trump entourage you can see a team whose purpose is so clear anyone can grasp it. The purpose is to do the impossible and keep at it until everything is ruined and we wake up.

There's Bannon up on TV telling us how Trump has struck a chord with America. More and more are seeing the light and coming around, because Trump is actually doing things to make America great. The problem is that, like Vietnam, the truth is so different it is jaw-dropping. Just ask the trembling undocumented kid waiting for the cop who used to say hello but now is working for ICE to as part of Trump's emerging police state.