Obamacare is a hot button issue between Donald Trump and Barack Obama today and if you really look into what is happening it would almost be comical if this wasn't such a national tragedy. The Democrats and Republicans are at the ready with their views, with one party wanting this health insurance dismantled and the other wanting it to live on and thrive.

It's good... it's bad

Starting with day one of his presidency, Donald Trump and his team are expected to start pulling apart Obamacare, according to The Washington Times. The backlash from Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi is brutal.

She is calling Trump's plan for the dismantling of Obamacare, "cowardice.

But Nancy, there is a very big problem today. " As the New York Times reports, "Sorry we don't take Obamacare" is a phrase repeated too often for the people who purchased that "affordable insurance."

Affordable insurance that's useless?

Obama has made the claim that this insurance is affordable and in some cases it is affordable, but also useless. One case in point is a woman who has a payment of $46 a month for one of the many insurances offered today. She has a choice of other insurance plans, but after that plan of $46 a month they jump to about $300 a month. This is a cost she cannot afford.

Not covered

Thrilled that she found a plan she can afford, she no longer worried about how her declining health might one day put her in the poor house.

If she had a relapse of her life-threatening disease, she is now covered under insurance... or she thought.

Within a month of signing up for this insurance, the major hospitals in the area where she had been a patient in the past sent out form letters stating they are not accepting this particular insurance. The letter from the first hospital concerned her and when the second hospital sent the letter she got worried, because these two hospitals were the only major hospitals near her home.

Obamacare has major flaws

After calling the insurance clearing house that handles all the insurance plans, she got nowhere. The woman on the other end of the phone took a good 30 minutes checking the hospitals in the area and the different plans they take. From there she checked the prices of the plans. The end result... her insurance offered for a $46 co-pay was the only one she could swing on her budget.


To be able to gain access to the major hospitals in the area, she would need to spend about $300 a month or more, which would take over one third of her Social Security Disability check each month. So she is left stuck with an insurance that she will be able to see her primary care doctor with, along with a co-pay of $20 per visit. She wasn't left with any options if she did suffer another bout of her life-threatening illness.

Even insurance agent can't afford it!

To add some more insight into how bad this "affordable insurance" has become, the insurance agent who helped this woman try and find another plan confided to this woman that she did not have insurance herself. "I know this sounds ridiculous because I work all day finding insurance plans for other people, but I can't afford Obamacare myself."

The agent said she opted to pay the penalty each year so she would have enough money to keep a roof over her kid's heads.

She sees a country doctor who offers a sliding scale that is income based for his fee. If a major health emergency should arise, the agent, just like the woman who called her, can't be denied medical help.

Hospitals will be left holding the bill!

This means both these women would end up owing a hospital in the are mega money if either one needed to be hospitalized. Money they could never pay back, leaving the hospital without getting payment. Are they alone.. oh, no. This is where the "affordable care" has brought the country to today!

The premiums have gone sky-high, out of the average person's reach. Many of the healthcare providers, such as hospitals, are not taking many of the plans that are offered as "affordable" to the consumers.