Donald Trump is on steam and putting into practice what he has stated all along. In his first few days in office, the president has spoken to the leaders who he thinks matter to him. He has spoken to the Canadian and Mexican leaders as well as the British Prime Minister who is meeting him very soon. Trump also talked to the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and the Egyptian leader General Abdal Fattah el-Sisi. The calls to the Mexican and Canadian leaders can be understood from the fact that he plans to renegotiate NAFTA with them.Britain is the closest ally of America.

He talked with Modi showing the importance he attaches to India in his global scheme of things. The conversation as per reports was "great," though no details are available. Modi had been among the first to congratulate Trump after his upset win.

Trump and India

During the election campaign, Trump had reached out to the Indian expatriate community. On a suggestion from the leader of the Republican Hindu Coalition Shalli Kumar, Donald adopted the famous Modi slogan " Ab ki bar Modi sarkar" with the words" Ab ki bar Trump sarkar"( this time there will be a Trump government). Trump has previously stated that India should be given the latest US arms and aircraft. He favors a strategic partnership with India.


Modi had a warm relationship with Obama who was the chief guest at the military parade of India's Republic Day on 26 January 2015. All indications are that Modi is keen to have a similarly close relationship with Donald Trump. The US president already has a close business relationship with luxury Trump towers coming up in Pune, Mumbai, and Gurgaon, close to Delhi.


India does no have any major issues with the USA except the likely curtailment of HIB visa. India is already into a strategic relationship with the USA which was facilitated to a great extent by the closeness of Modi and Obama. The politics of geo compulsion is likely to give greater strength to Trump to continue this relationship. The common factor is China which is asserting itself.