trump Organizations include hundreds of real estate investments, brands, and other businesses.

As such, now taking on the role of head of the Executive Power as well as a businessman he will - in theory - have the power to influence American politics and government agencies for his own benefit.

Presidents are not the object of rules that regulate conflict of interest involving government employees, but previous occupants of the role in the US have put their companies and businesses in the hands of blind trusts - foundations that generate assets but that cannot be interfered with by the beneficiary to avoid potential corruption accusations.

The Republican President Elect previously stated that three of his adult children would manage Trump Organizations, but they are also members of his transition team and participate in meetings and phone calls to foreign leaders.

The President-Elect has been receiving guidance on the matter from his advisers and has stated that he will soon detail the matter in a press conference.

Ethics specialists have asked Trump to liquidate his holdings to avoid the appearance of conflicts.

See below a list of foreign and domestic conflicts of interest involving Trump. Due to the private character of his businesses, the complete extension of assets is unknown.

Wall Street

Trump Organizations rents offices in their building in Manhattan.

According to Bloomberg News, there are five federal investigations going on involving current and previous tenants of the building (Number 40, Wall Street) many of them for fraud.

These investigations will be conducted by a commission which will have one member appointed by Trump as soon as he assumes the Presidency.

Dakota Pipeline

Sioux Tribes and allies have been protesting for months against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline beneath Standing Rock's water supplies.

Trump had a partial investment - between $500k and $1 million - in Energy Transfers Partners, the Dakota Access pipeline holding company.

Hope Hicks, Trump's official spokesperson, has stated that he has sold his stock shares for Energy Transfer Partners.

However, the President-Elect also owns Phillips 66, another holding company which controls 25% of stocks for the project.

At the time, it was not clear if Trump had also sold his stocks at Phillip 66. The US Department of Interior and the Army Corps of Engineers have postponed the decision on the pipeline while they consult other communities in the region.

Trump's appointee for head of the Department of Interior will be responsible for the final decision on the matter.

Deutsche Bank

One of Trump's biggest real estate investors is Deutsche Bank.

The financial institution is currently negotiating with the US Department of Justice to settle a case involving problems with buyers when it sold mortgages financed through risk investments.

If the matter isn't finalized by the time Trump takes office then his administration will take over negotiations.