Dolphins are well-loved, intelligent creatures that capture the hearts of humans worldwide. They appear to be very vulnerable and friendly, but most fail to realize it is still a wild being with special needs. This strong and curious aquatic mammal has a strong bond with their pod. They require air to breathe periodically but should not be kept out of the water for periods of time unless they are kept wet and cool. Tourists look for the vulnerable, young dolphin to come to shore to interact with them as a vacation souvenir.

Baby dolphin dies when tourists take selfies

Despite common knowledge, people cannot restrain themselves from the selfish act of taking selfies with dolphins. Recently along the Argentine coast, in a town known as San Bernardo, a mob gathered around numerous baby dolphins. They crowded around a defenseless young dolphin, pulling it out of the water multiple times and took selfie photos with the mammal. The act of taking the selfie, which kept the dolphin out of the water for too long, caused it to die a painful death on the coastal beach. The entire incident was captured on camera by witnesses. The photos and a video taken at the time shows crowds of people around the innocent being, constantly grabbing at it to take the selfies.

The helpless baby mammal was pulled out of the water and laid on the beach.

Witnesses comment on incident that led to death of baby dolphin

Claudia is a witness that viewed the entire incident depicting the death of a baby dolphin at the hands of numerous tourists. In an attempt to capture a selfie with the young mammal, the crowd literally let it die at their feet.

Claudia states that the young dolphin came to shore, but instead of helping it by returning it to the water and out to sea, they started touching the youngster and taking selfies. The people later claimed the dolphin was already dead.

Not long ago, a similar situation occurred when a baby dolphin swam too close to sunbathing tourists who seemed to maul it to death.

The people passed the dolphin around at the time, leading to its dehydration and death, at which time they discarded it like trash. People need to learn that these animals need respect and must remain in the waters with their pod families, not out of the water to take selfies.