Serena Williams and Venus Williams are both happy with the results of the Australian Open. So, which Williams sister won the Tennis match? Even though Serena won the title, both sisters are considered winners. Venus predicted before the match that no matter what happened, a Williams would be the winner. Venus was right. A Williams sister did win, and it was Venus' younger sister, Serena.

Saturday's match

During Saturday's match, Serena's goal was to capture her record-breaking title. Venus' goal was to win a major trophy for the first time since 2008.

It seems like it could have been any sister's win because it wasn't until the fifth game that Serena Williams seemed to be settling in. She got her big break in the seventh game. The younger sister went on to fulfill her goal of winning her 23rd major title. It was also Serena's major championship win for someone over the age of 30. The win also ensures that the 35-year-old tennis champion regained her spot at the top of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) rankings.

The tennis professional's statistics put her at the top of her game. It is interesting that the WTA ranked her as the World's Number 1 more than once (dating back to July 8, 2002). Her last win at the Australian Open was her seventh win, and it put her back at the top of the list.

Sisters supported each other

Serena Williams accomplished her lifelong goal, but she remarked that she did not do it alone. She credited her best friend and sister, Venus, for supporting her to help make it possible for her to win 23 major titles.

Over half of Serena's victory speech was dedicated to her older sister.

Venus made history by being the oldest tennis player. She is a seven-time Grand Slam title winner. She has played against her younger sister in 27 professional matches since 1998, and she has won 11 of them. The 36-year-old tennis player has played against her sister in nine Grand Slam singles finals, and Serena has won seven times.

Venus and Serena started playing tennis at a very young age, and were coached by their parents. Even so, their playing styles are different. When playing against each other, they are happy no matter which one wins.